We make the caravans ( gypsy caravans , roulottes ) in our own workshop .

The roulottes are ideal for an extra bedroom for your guests, workshop, office, etc.

The roulottes are a jewel for your garden or camping.

We deliver the roulottes completely to the wishes of the customer. You want a bedstead or a small bathroom? There are several possibilities.

We strive to sell the most authentic and environmentally friendly as possible, for example the paint product is made from natural products and very durable.

What’s the price for a roulotte?

A roulotte is customized, depending from the  model selection, fitting, accessories etc are decisive for the price.

This makes it difficult to name an exact price. Calculation from € 8000.00 for a simple car.

But beware!

Travelling with roulottes as seen on this site is not possible, "the iron bands" and the lack of suspension make this impossible.

If you want to travel  with a roulotte, it is possible to build  one fitted  on a trailer. A fun and inexpensive alternative to a caravan.

Want more information about the sale or want to know what the possibilities are for roulotte custom, please send an email to:


You can also check out the website of our company Arti Allier: www.artiallier.com

Your own roulotte